Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Day! New shipment has arrived safely!

It is always a relief when a foreign shipment lands here safely. First one of the season is always a challenge. But the stallions of Helgstrand Dressage are safely in my tanks and ready for U.S. shipmemt 

Seems that one of Franklin had a little trouble with turbulence ... ICSI dose anyone??
are ready to ship now. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

HECTOR VAN D’ABDIJHOEVE (aka "HECTOR"!!) - Get what you need now.

You know him as the spectacular mount of the Irish jumper rider Bertram Allen. Both Bertram and Hector are stars in their field and are racking up huge placings in top competitions. 
Look at them FLY!!

Due to the limited quantity of his frozen semen doses, and the huge demand for him, the semen will not be held in constant inventory in my tanks as usual. It will be by a "PAID ORDER" basis. So, buy what you need and a one time shipment will arrive in early March here. 
We will begin taking orders online this week. 

UTHOPIA now available

And now we have the magnificent competitor, the SIRE of U-Genius..... UTHOPIA

 The man, himself, will be available this season, with proven frozen semen. This is the FIRST time that UTHOPIA has been available in North America, and we think it is another fun and exciting option for seriously minded breeders. 

2011 European Championships Rotterdam, NED
Team Gold
Individual GPS Silver
Individual GPFS Silver
2012 Olympic Games London, GBR
Team Gold
2013 European Championships Herning, DEN
Team Bronze

U-Genius offering is now closed

Whew! That was fun!  Claire Hester and I had a delightful time reviewing each and every "application" that came in. It was quite interesting  We studied pedigrees, nicks, type, conformation, etc. Particularly the pedigrees, as the goal is to maximize the qualities of sire and dam and produce a quality individual. 
 Well, it was not easy. There were some really solid mares, good types, deep pedigrees, etc. that came in. But, in the end, we believe we have chosen an interesting variety of types and pedigrees. It will surely help in the assessment of what this good young stallion, U-Genius, will contribute in a pairing. Every mare was a definite candidate, as the quality of mares that owners offered was very high.
This offer has been so very well received and now is oversubscribed, so we will call it a day on applicants and, with permission of mare owners, will list the mares and pedigree with which we will start the breeding career of U-Genius in North America! You will find, in his page on my website that he is now available at a "per dose" price.

So, many thanks to all the mare owners that took interest! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

New photos of Hesselhoj Donkey Boy

Quickly rising to the top of my own personal breeding list for my mares is this lovely, athletic, smooth lined young stallion HESSELHOJ DONKEY BOY.

I have added new photos by permission of Ridehesten - I bought these, so don't steal them!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Plans for the New Year's breeding season are well underway

Hard to believe, but soon we will turn our thoughts and efforts into producing yet another crop of hopefuls in our breeding programs. 
While I continue to encourage breeders to rely on tested, tried and true breeding sires, with proven frozen semen, there are always a few intriguing youngsters and newly available stallions that I can't pass by! 

Hesselhoj's Donkey Boy
I have been watching this supple, light footed, big walking youngster, HESSELHOJ'S DONKEY BOY.

Semen is frozen for US import and will be available.

Another possibly interesting choice coming out of Great Britain will be UTHOPIA (Metal - Inspekteur - Ulft) first time semen available
and his son U GENIUS (Uthopia - Negro Gerschwin) a strong young stallion

Semen from Helgstrand Dressage is due in January.  Once again we will have REVOLUTION, DON DELUXE, FRANKLIN and GRAND GALAXY WIN. We are eagerly awaiting the first foals of Revolution too!

I have much already in stock and will be ready to ship come January 1st. In the mean time, keep checking back for updates. You can go ahead and purchase what you need from my inventory and I will ship later. Leave any shipping date needs in the Comment section at check out in the shopping cart.
Early greetings from me to you all for peaceful, Happy HOLIDAYS coming up! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Classy mare for sale from Yancey Farms - Singer has been sold.

 I am offering a most special young mare,  sound, rideable ... IN FOAL for 2017!

  by Glock's VOICE
out of  TAMARIINDE (Jazz - Matador II - Rubinstein - Welt As) 

What a royally bred young mare. 4 years old, thoughtfully started under saddle for 5 months and now IN FOAL  by TOTILASbelieved to be a colt - fetal sexed at 65 days. There is much to say about the quality of this young mare and success of her bloodlines. 

SINGER has 2 brothers competing in Prix St Georges and her dam was a successful competition mare, earning her Keur, with Sports Predicate with KWPN through competition in Holland and U.S.
 "SINGER" was the KWPN Reserve Champion Foal of North America in 2012.  
Now 16.2+ and still maturing.
She is sound, healthy, kind, very intelligent, no vices ... and carrying a particularly interesting colt. There are 12 Grand Prix horses in the first 4 generations of this foal. Embryo is now 140+ days... breeding date April 16th

CALL me for more information. I am proud of her quality and of all the years I have put into producing this type of riding horse for competition in the U.S. 

1 800 867-7021 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

JURA YF, 2 year old filly - finally a video!

My special jewel has just been growing up - quite nicely, I think, for a 2 year old filly. She is 16 hands now and just as sweet as she has always been.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A study in genetics..... Furst Feliciano, one of the few direct sons of Furst Heinrich

Lately I have been watching a most interestingly bred young colt turning into a handsome young stallion, and thought it was time to photo document him, even though he is butt high at 17 months of age!


Do you think he looks like his dam's sire, "DREAM OF GLORY"? 
Dream of Glory sire of Dream Rubina

Donnerhall - Pik Bube - Roumadour II


                      Dream of Glory                                                                 Furst Feliciano

 Or do you think that he looks like his blood kin FURSTENBALL at 3 years of age?

 Furstenball (Furst Heinrich - Donnerhall  - Classiker).

Furst Feliciano at 17 MONTHS

Pretty neat, isn't it, how blood will tell? He is line bred back to the "R" line and the "D" line. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

June Shipment into Canada

Am readying a shipment for Canada again. 
HERAKLES by Gribaldi - Michaelangelo

We have new arrival due from Germany with Bordeaux, Dante Weltino, Fursten Look, Herakles, Morricone, For Romance, Bretton Woods, Vivaldi, Millennium as well as a nice selection already in my tanks. No permit fees, no shipping charges to Canada.
There is time to purchase doses before this trip to Canada. Email me for the Canadian order form: 

352 369-5970

Sunday, May 1, 2016

MORRICONE licensed Hanoverian

 This gorgeous creature, who makes the most gorgeous foals (!) is now also licensed Hanoverian.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

OK! Time for 2016 FOALS FOR SALE! This is "Temptation's Twist" - my only foal this year!

"Temtwist" is an amazing boy. He is full sibling to the spectacular filly from last year that we called "Lil Darlin"..... and they are 2 peas in a pod. But the boy has 2 hind high socks, yet same star!

This is Lil Darlin the full sister to Temtwist, born in 2015. Photos about the same age as Twist now. From his Owner: Stephanie Sitzberger I can attest to the fantastic niche this breeding produces. The filly is sensitive, smart, brave and affectionate in temperament and breathtaking in movement. Can you tell I love her?

And THIS is what she turned into by 2 months of age!! 
Oh, is her owner happy with her now!
She was snapped up right away by a dressage rider/trainer with future competition in mind.

There is just an undeniable, special nick with Tailormade Temptation and Cherokee Morning Breeze. 
She is a powerful mare, whose hindquarters show up in these foals. Both foals are full of movement, power and are very correct in their conformation. TemTwist will be a big horse, as is his sister. Here are more photos of TemTwist

I offer him as a most special prospect for a nominal price.  If you have interest in this big boy, please give me a call! 1 800 867-7021