Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Like trying to catch lightening in a bottle!

So, the yellow  perennial  Peanut is in bloom, and I thought, "oh how fun, I'll take pics of the fillies in the flowers"! WRONG! ...... Without help it was ridiculous!  These are the best I could do with Filly #1, REVANALI by Revolution out of Finale  (Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein). Even my little dog Mickie tried to help me organize a shoot...... Hah!!

REVANALI born April 22,2017 by REVOLUTION

"REVANALI" - exhibiting her favorite pose!

She loves her big loose walk, always on a "Mission"!

REVANALI 7 weeks

So, that was IT for the peanut flower photo shoot! 
Still, I think she is going to be quite a powerful gal!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

THREE sweet girls!

I am feeling particularly blessed with three lovely fillies this season, with the sweetest personalities; all loving and friendly; not a shy bone among them.

SERAPHINA by Sezuan out of Cherokee Morning Breeze, born March 23, 2017 at 300 days gestation!

SELESTINA by Sezuan out of Frigga by Florencio, - Pik Labionics, born May 1, 2017 (She was bred same day as Breeze!)

REVANALI by Revolution out of Finale by Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein, born April 22,2017
They are so different from each other, unique and interesting. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Precious new colt by Asgard's IBIZA....

The first foals of Asgard's IBIZA are hitting the ground, and appear to be exceeding the breeders' expectations of type and movement. 

Stamped by his sire, here is a newborn colt out of a Rohdiamant - Donnerschwee mare owned by the owner of IBIZA. This precious baby is name Asgard's INDICO.  Charming in type and a carbon copy of his sire. 

Semen of IBIZA is due to arrive next week. It has proven fertility and is limited in quantity. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

LFG contracts now available on selected stallions

For 2017 we will be able to offer all of the stallions that are in ownership of "The Stallion Company" in France. Ken Rehill, owner, has long promoted a "mare friendly" attitude, and we are going to try the LFG in the U.S., making adjustments to the logistics of supplying enough backup doses in inventory supply. That's the hardest part, to predict needs. Happily, the fertility of the stallions from The Stallion Company is without question.



And to add to the LFG concept, which began for me last year with the Eventing Sire, "RAMIRO B", I will personally add the beautiful, well appreciated sire SERANO GOLD!

The stallions' pages are up and operational!  And I hope that this might be of interest to some of you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Offering for young stallion "Secret"...

SECRET (Sezuan - St. Moritz - Rotspon)

Well, he has been much the talk of the town the past week since being introduced to the market outside of Germany. 
I had a nice visit with Gestuet WM and met young (3 years) "SECRET" a few weeks ago. and was delighted with his quality and his nature. 
Time has not yet proven how these lofty moving youngsters will mature for the Gran Prix ring, but, for now, they are captivating. And this one is absolutely good in his legs and mind. He goes for his stallion testing in mid April, so we will all be looking forward to those results.
It has not worked out to freeze semen for the U.S. due to the early demand for fresh cooled semen in his own Country. We will look to the Fall for them to be able to dedicate time for freezing for North America , looking towards the next breeding season

Friday, February 3, 2017

I am very pleased to introduce SERANO GOLD to the American breeding market. He will be offered with an optional LFG contract. 

I first met Serano Gold as a young stallion, fresh off a win to qualify for the German Nationals Championships (Bundeschampionats). He was in the Finals that year, as a 3 year old. He qualified 2 more times for the BCs , then went to Edward Gal for training, where he was successful through Prix St. Georges as well as in breeding with KWPN mares. Subsequently he was sold into England and disappeared from the public eye…… until NOW!  A sharp eyed breeder kept his eye on Serano Gold all the time, and when the opportunity again arose, Serano Gold was purchased and relocated to a wonderful Stud Farm in Austria, where two of his excellent sons live!Both are stallions, Solitaire Gold and Silenzio Gold. (see videos) Still sound, happy and super healthy, Serano Gold is working the Grand Prix under rider Marcus Notworthy, qualified rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. 

To this day, I believe his positive note for the American Warmblood breeding market is the absolute trainability/rideability of his offspring. He is such a strong stamper and gives a consistent “product”; in very user friendly, beautiful and easy to ride and train partners. This is a jewel of a sire for the American dressage market, and I would not discount him as a hunter sire

Excellent quality semen has been collected and prepared at world renowned University of Austria. Introductory price of $650 per dose this year or $1600 LFG.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Day! New shipment has arrived safely!

It is always a relief when a foreign shipment lands here safely. First one of the season is always a challenge. But the stallions of Helgstrand Dressage are safely in my tanks and ready for U.S. shipmemt 

Seems that one of Franklin had a little trouble with turbulence ... ICSI dose anyone??
are ready to ship now. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

HECTOR VAN D’ABDIJHOEVE (aka "HECTOR"!!) - Get what you need now.

You know him as the spectacular mount of the Irish jumper rider Bertram Allen. Both Bertram and Hector are stars in their field and are racking up huge placings in top competitions. 
Look at them FLY!!

Due to the limited quantity of his frozen semen doses, and the huge demand for him, the semen will not be held in constant inventory in my tanks as usual. It will be by a "PAID ORDER" basis. So, buy what you need and a one time shipment will arrive in early March here. 
We will begin taking orders online this week. 

UTHOPIA now available

And now we have the magnificent competitor, the SIRE of U-Genius..... UTHOPIA

 The man, himself, will be available this season, with proven frozen semen. This is the FIRST time that UTHOPIA has been available in North America, and we think it is another fun and exciting option for seriously minded breeders. 

2011 European Championships Rotterdam, NED
Team Gold
Individual GPS Silver
Individual GPFS Silver
2012 Olympic Games London, GBR
Team Gold
2013 European Championships Herning, DEN
Team Bronze