Sunday, March 30, 2014

ZACK (Blue Hors Zack) continues to dominate

The ZACK son, Vincent Maranello (by Zack x Future Cup) was proclaimed dressage winner of the recent Danish Stallion testing with 866 points.  Owned by Helgstrand Dressage, he was bred by Jane Gry Haugum. The horse scored 9s for  canter and potential.
Another young dressage stallion, Zodiac (by Zack), also was licensed with 815 points. 

ZACK should be a familiar name to all Sporthorse breeders by now. He has been proving to be an exceptionally producing stallion for years now, and his offspring have been dominating all aspects of riding disciplines as well.
Think "Zonik" , "Sezuan" (winner 2013 Danish Young Horse Ch), "Zatchmo", "Zorba Hojris" (Ch 2012 Danish stallion licensing), and Zick Zack, Zig Zag, Zidane,Zalto, Zgander,Zardetto, Zaragossa,, Zepter, "Zaladin" (Jan Brinks, Swedish Young Horse Ch), "Zick Flower", "Zee Me Blue" (winner 2013 Danish Stallion licensing), "Zaladin" ( winner 2012 Swedish Stallion Performance Test), "Zacksu" ..........ALL 4 & 5 year old offpsring of Zack in top competition!
We have provided frozen semen of Zack for several years. We will once again have it in stock for the upcoming season.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Levisonn, Lordanos, Stedinger, Catoki??????

Am readying a 3rd shipment out of Germany, which will include Sosath stallions
If there is any particular stallion that you would like to use out of either collection, please contact me for prices.
Here are a few:

Corlensky G
Ludwig von Bauern
Ludwig's As



Who wanted the "Christian" semen and who wanted the "Livello"????

I cannot find in my notes who had asked for these two stallions. There is no more of either available, and I happen to have 1 dose of each. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My 40th (!) foal crop is established with the birth of this strong colt!

A beautiful boy, 2 days old, 2014

Here is something interesting to me:

A beautiful boy 28 hours old 2009!
28 hours and on the run, Ellington 2009
Photos are of the brand new 2014 colt by WYNTON out of DREAM RUBINA, and of his FULL brother from 2009, the gorgeous  W.ELLINGTON, now in Australia. Many of you already know W. Ellington .... but can you tell the difference in them as brand new  babies? Only by the stockings I think!! 

Who needs cloning when you have a mare like "Beaner"!!??

Antonio Lopez has birthed out 31 of these foal crops with me!

Ellington and Dream Rubina 2009

And here is how W. Ellington turned out! Champion 4 y.o. young horse of NSW Australia with Andrew Buckley.

Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 babies are arriving - filly by KANNAN

News from  Steve Foran's Liberty Farm in Lake Forest, IL:

Hi Judy, just wanted you to know, our mare, Pandora ISF (Consul - Akteur - Lucky Boy) just had a Kannan filly yesterday . Mother and baby are doing well. 
Thank you,
Julie Foran Rebarchak

"Pandora" is the full sister of Beezie Madden's Judgment ISF

I guess this one will be able to jump!!!

Thank you to Julie for taking time to think of me and send in a photo. Breeders, PLEASE send me pics for all of us to share and enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I continue my efforts to remind you of solid producing stallions, and, ranking among the highest in my books, is STILL QUATERBACK. When I first introduced Quaterback to the U.S. market back in 2007 he was the HOTTEST kid on the block! The most fabulous thing we had seen. He set the standards for powerful movement.
Well, over 50+ licensed stallions and 30+ States Premium Mares later, he is still the cash cow for the Brandenburg Hauptgestuet. He can't help it if his income is so important for the State Stud that they don't send him out for competitions. He has become so important as a sire. 

Personally, I have had 9 of them and each one has been absolutely outstanding. His frozen semen also sets the standards for quality and fertility. 
Here are a few offspring of Quaterback that I have had:
"Stars" and Ilse Schwartz

Quantum Jazz & Debbie Hill, YHC 2013

Do not pass him by if you are trying to find a "stamping" stallion. He can give you power, freedom and fine personality.

Look what we have here!! A brand new DANTE WELTINO baby!

Bred by Chris & Corey Miller
Shown here , a few days old, is a colt by DANTE WELTINO out of RAINY ROMANCE (Rohdiamant - Rouletto). He is an ET baby and one of the first , if not the first, Dante Weltino born in the U.S.         Welcome little man!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I realize I haven't featured any jumper stallions!

So, let us have a new look at a solid producing stallion, CLINTON II. Special offer $550/dose

Clinton II is approved Holsteiner, and was a finalist at the Bundeschampionat as a five and six year old.  He went to the World Cup finals in Gothenburg (13th) with Thomas Voss, and as a young horse went to Lanaken for the World Championships, coming 19th.

Clinton II Carolus I Capitol I Capitano
Lacq Roman
Waage I Calypso II Cor de la Bryere
Lorettchen Royal Wash xx