Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow - another GOV inspection is pleasant history!

Close to 60 people showed up to view our presentation of mares and foals, and enjoy a really tasty and well done luncheon.
We danced between rain showers to present the horses, but spectators were happy and dry under the white tent with bleachers. All in all it was a wonderful day.
Our mares and foals showed fine.... and as soon as Miss Cookie sends us photos I will post. We have hung our premium plaques on our wall and also have a "Mare of Distinction" ribbon for the glorious young mare "Heide von Brandenburg" (aka "Stars ") , my 3 year old Quaterback - Sandro Hit - Paradiesvogel. She was brilliant and showed a breathaking trot in hand with handler Andra Hayden, who stepped in this year to take over the running for me! (Andrea - we have it on video!!)
I cannot thank enough my "team" : Cookie Serletic, for her unflagging dedication working with the foals this year, braiding until the wee hours, then taking all the photos! To Antonio Lopez who has been my right hand for 28 years (!) , Eline Eckroth, rider and helper extraordinaire......... Andrea for pitching in and handling all the mares; Catherine Hoffman, Jessica Clinton and Chris Hutchings for seeing things to do and always lending a helping hand.
I will report more later.