Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some thoughts for you to ponder as we head to a new season of breeding.

Broere JAZZ will be with us again - semen in stock now
OK!!! I have had a wonderful sabbatical the last few months, and am feeling renewed and refreshed. 

I have some nice surprises coming in the Frozen Semen Program. 

We are adding a SALES page for all of the offspring of the stallions that I represent through my frozen semen program.  I believe it will prove to be a valuable tool for breeders, as I have so many serious warmblood breeders and trainers in my customer base. 

I still welcome your requests for breeding advice. With 40 years of experience in producing some pretty high quality dressage horses, I feel that I can give some good insight into pedigree analysis, conformation and choosing some options in stallions for breeding. 

Last, but not least, to answer the question I have been receiving daily lately ----- YES, I am adding some interesting new stallions for the season. Look for our new upcoming ad in Warmbloods Today, and the Stallion Directory .... and stay tuned to Judy's News! And we will continue to stock our favorite jumper sires, like KANNAN
KANNAN, currently  #1 jumper sire

I continue to stress the importance of using seasoned, proven breeding stallions in your fledgling programs. Stick with what is tried and true, and do not fall into the current thinking of "Flavor of the month" young stallions. Look to their sires, dams, dam's sires, etc. Those are the generations that are producing these fancy modern types. But these fancy modern types have not aged to the point of proving their value to consistently produce good riding horses. Please keep in mind that we should be striving to produce very rideable horses for our U.S. base of riders and trainers. You might notice that every now and then I have chosen a young stallion that I really believed in to introduce to the breeders here, i.e.: Quaterback, Ampere, Floriscount, and last year, Finest and Fiderbach. They ALL had something extra ordinary... not just their movement, but their depth of pedigree and correctness. Happily they are NOW beginning to prove their worth as breeding stallions, producing a consistent type, with the older ones already showing quality youngsters under saddle. And THIS year I am adding TOTO JR and APACHE

Anyway, stay tuned for my 30th(!!) season of providing frozen semen options to the breeders in the U.S.   Like my favorite stallions, My programs are..... "TESTED, TRIED and TRUE"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Prices are starting to settle, will be updating all soon...

Prices are clear for stallions that are in the first shipment coming out of Holland - some very good prices, due in part to the weaker Euro/stronger dollar status at the moment. Take advantage now! And prices for other additions are now firming up.

GLOCK'S TOTO JR. $850/dose

GLOCK'S ZONIK  $775/dose

VIVALDI $1225/ dose 

BROERE JAZZ  $995/dose
BALOU STAR $1000/dose
BELANTIS  $985/dose
BORSALINO $950/dose
ESTEBAN xx  $1250/dose (only a few doses left in world now, here with me)
HOFRAT (new freeze, new owner) $925/dose
NAMELUS  $950/dose
ODERMUS  $650/dose
ROYALDIK   $725/dose

** The semen has safely arrived from Holland and we have already done our own testing. The VIVALDI doses are all from Fall of 2012, and show a 55% Progressive Post Thaw Motility. Calculating the number of cells for a good insemination dose, I will send the appropriate amount of straws for each of the collection dates. 
The TOTO JR semen looks VERY good. With 50% PPTM and 422 x 10 6 sperm/ml on the sample we thawed, we should have good fertility rates.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Sons of Dream Rubina are growing up and proving it up!

Both of her oldest boys have been in the "news" this past week.
W. Ellington (by Wynton) is "Down Under" and looking magnificent, winning all challenges.
W.Ellington (imp) & Andrew Buckley in their workout to winning the All Breeds Led Challenge at the 2014 NSW Arabian State Titles. The same day Elmo also collected Supreme Champion Arabian Warmblood, Supreme Amateur Derivative and Grand Champion Led of Show.

And QREDIT (by Quaterback) , paired up with Michael Bragsdale is smoking at 3rd level ! From Hilltop Farms:

"Qredit finished out his show season at the CBLM Championships yesterday and remains undefeated at Third Level this year! His score of 72.805% won the Third Level Senior B Championships - a huge class with a very talented group of horses and riders. Congratulations Michael and good boy Q!"

And her youngest son is waiting for his turn!! Wait for "Jumpin Jack Flash"! (also by Wynton)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dream Rubina's offspring keep making their marks on the Sporthorse World!

More good news on Dream Rubina's son by Wynton. It is so rewarding to see how hard Andrew and Tracey work and get "Elmo" out in competition. I always have a thank you for them! Just wish Australia weren't so far away.

W.Ellington (imp) & Andrew Buckley in their workout to winning the All Breeds Led Challenge at the 2014 NSW Arabian State Titles. The same day Elmo also collected Supreme Champion Arabian Warmblood, Supreme Amateur Derivative and Grand Champion Led of Show. Thanks to Susie Muhleisen for the lovely photo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some days it only takes one person to make you smile....

Me smiling! 
Thank you Jeannine Neubauer for being so thoughtful as to take the time to share what was on your mind..... and for making me smile!!

Hello Judy! 
We have never met and you don’t know me but I feel like I have known you for years.  I first heard of you from Joyce Heizer years ago when she was your neighbor in TX.  I worked with her in Dayton, Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB when she was doing AF Reserve duty.  I had just bred my TB mare to a lovely Trakehner stallion and of course we were off and running with that knowledge.  I lost touch with Joyce in a few years, but never forgot her talking of you.  Over the years, I enjoyed your web page and all of the absolutely beautiful babies you were breeding and the stallions you made available to U.S. mare owners. 
Jump ahead 20 years (with me still enjoying your web page) and I decide to start riding again after 30 years out of the saddle.  Retirement from federal service has taken me to my current status with time and a bit of money to take lessons with my Haflinger gelding (great pony for my 62 years on this earth).  I decided to ride with Sue Black of Trails End Equestrian Center in Dayton.  Wouldn’t you know that she had purchased Arrick Harper from you and there he was standing in the stall – as beautiful as any picture on your web site!  I was thrilled to be able to know a little about his breeding (Trakehner) and happy to watch him in person.
Now I am three years into my lessons and training and still enjoying your web site and seeing your Trakehner breeding program producing amazing horses.  I was awed to see Jura – what a stunning filly – again showing the Trakehner background. 
So…my reason for writing?  I wanted to congratulate you on 40 years of hard work and perseverance to produce such wonderful horses and to thank you for taking me along, albeit unknown to you, on this journey with the Trakehner horse.
Jeannine Neubauer
Xenia, Ohio (old ATA member)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two happy winners at this years four-year-old finals of the USEF/Markel Young Horse Championships at lamplight! Tyra Vernon on her star, Florante, of my own breeding program (so proud of them both!), and Anna Marek on Dresscode. Congratulations girls you both worked very hard and you earned your rewards!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DREAM RUBINA and SEZUAN ....... what a pairing! Baby is SOLD


And what a wonderful Momma mare we got to carry this special foal to term! This is PATRICIA! 
She is a big, kind, pleasant mare, and a seasoned recipient Mom. I feel so fortunate to have such a good mare for Dream Rubina's Sezuan colt. Yes, it has been fetal sexed at 64 days as a COLT.
Dream Rubina (Dream of Glory - Rubinstein)

Again, I am offering the same arrangement as I did with the Totilas babies:
I am offering the outright sale of the embryo recipient mare, carrying the Sezuan x Beaner baby. I will carry it to 150 days on my own nickel and responsibility, with refundable deposit if something goes awry. At 150 days of gestation, after Vet ultrasound on that day, balance of purchase price is due, and Prospective Insurance can be purchased by Buyer (or not)...... At 150 days the price of the insurance goes way down. Then you take the mare home, birth and raise your own Sezuan baby - out of one of the finest mares in this country. 

 It is a rare offering. Call for details and a chat 1 800 867-7021 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Who wanted the CHRISTIAN semen???

Earlier this season there were no doses of CHRISTIAN (Cartani - Lord Liberty - Zymbal) available. We have a few doses coming next week. First come, first served. $975 per dose

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another shipment from France is on it's way! KANNAN, ROYALDIK, ESTEBAN xx !

Event riders/breeders, heads up! We ARE going to bring another shipment of Royaldik. Seems as though we underestimated his popularity in the U.S., and we came up short. I hope it is not too late for some of you to still take advantage of him .....
Royaldik  (Royal Diamond x Caramel xx)

Esteban xx (Prince Mab xx  x  Tumble Wind xx)
Esteban xx (recently deceased)

 ..... or Esteban xx, another attractive event horse producer.
Read about him on his home page: http://thestallioncompany.com/stallion_detail.php?stallion=2007047

And we are restocking on KANNAN, who now is ranked #2 on the World Breeding list for jumpers. This is our third season representing KANNAN in the U.S. and we have some super foals to show for it!

PRICES: (per insemination dose)
Royaldik $650
Esteban xx $925
Kannan $1350

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I am going to make a once in MY lifetime offer! Both Babies are spoken for now.

But first, I want to tell you a funny story. 
Being fortunate to have 5 big nitrogen tanks full of fabulous stallions' semen, I often do not make a decision on which stallion I will use on my own mare until, literally, the Vet has his ultrasound detecting a recent ovulation! Now, this used to tend to make Dr. Corey Miller kinda crazy, but over the years, he has loosened up a bit and definitely gets a laugh out of my actions at times. He often repeats one of my mantras ...."Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Well, that's the way I see it anyway. OK - long story, I know. 
Dream Rubina by Dream of Glory out of Reina H by Rubinstein
Dream Rubina's son, QREDIT

I now have only two broodmares, having downsized considerably after 40 years of breeding. Both sisters are very special mares, known to many warmblood breeders around the world. But.... I digress. Back to the funny part. So, Dr. Miller and I were ready to breed Rubina on her second cycle of this season. We have our little routine of "banter" when checking the mares. When we have scanned a good and recent ovulation , he says "Get your stuff!" That's my cue to go pick a stallion and thaw the semen (that's my job.) He has long given up asking "Who are we breeding her with?" So, I went in to my tank #5, with every intention of picking up the dose of Charmeur that I had held on to for her. But, my mind is always doing a check list..... and it was saying to me, "Hey, she just double ovulated ... do you want TWO Charmeurs?" As I reached into the tank to pick up the cane of Charmeur, I noticed that , right next to it (in the canister labeled "MINE!"), was a dose of Totilas that I had held on to for rebreeding Finale this year. That filly was not yet born, so no immediate need for it. Hmmmm., I thought, why not? I shouted out to Corey, "Hey, what's about breeding her with Totilas??" Wow, was his response enthusiastically "Sure!"
So we did, and the day came to do embryo flush. It was a good, clean flush, and I was busy doing something while Corey was looking under the microscope for our babies. He found one!!! Oh, I was so pleased, stepped out the door to talk with someone, and walked back in a few minutes later. Corey said "You should go buy a lottery ticket today. I just found baby #2!

So..... see where I am going with this??  Not only were we blessed to have TWO babies, we are totally doubly blessed to have them both take in the recip mares! Today we did fetal sexing on our TWO little Totilas  x Dream Rubina babies, and we have one of each! A little girl baby and a little boy baby! 65 days old.
And this is where I come to the point of my long story (hope it's been entertaining so far). I am offering the outright sale of the embryo recipient mares, carrying the Totilas x Beaner babies. I will carry them to 150 days on my own nickel and responsibility, with refundable deposit if something goes awry. At 150 days of gestation, after Vet ultrasound on that day, balance of purchase price is due, and Prospective Insurance can be purchased by Buyer (or not)...... At 150 days the price of the insurance goes way down. Then you take the mare home, birth and raise your own Totilas baby - out of one of the finest mares in this country. No matter what your opinion of the state of Totilas' current training might be, it is undeniable that he is a quality athlete, with outstanding qualities as a sire, when used on the right mare base. I believe I HAVE that correct mare base;  i.e. see my baby "Jura" out of Finale (Dream Rubina's sister)
Baby "Jura" 2014 filly

It is a rare offering. Call for details and a chat 1 800 867-7021  I also will be doing the same offering on other ET babies as they are safely confirmed this season only.

The little BOY ET has been purchased as of June 4, 2014
The little GIRL ET was purchased June 6,2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baby "Jura" 3 weeks old

(Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein)

She is quite the little "poser" for photos ... not interested much in her suspended trot. I only see that when there is no camera around ...isn't that they way??
So correct in her legs and love that topline.

"Hear Me Sing" (Voice - Jazz - Matador II - Rubinstein) catching up on the growing fillies

Hear Me Sing, 2 years old
Tamarinde , Singer's Mom
 Well, here is one of my best - who has recently turned two.
"Hear Me Sing" is by the Gran Prix stallion Glock's Voice (DeNiro - Rohdiamant - Doruto - Amor), who is ridden by Edward Gal. 
Her dam is the super producing mare, "Tamarinde" (Jazz - Matador II - Rubinstein - Welt As)

Tamarinde's offspring excel in the competition ring; Her 4 y.o. son "Floretienne" by Florestan won the USDF National Championsihps at Training Level last year. Her other 4 y.o. son "Quantum Jazz" by Quaterback was 6th in the Young Horse Championships in 2013. Her now 4 y.o. son "Florante" by Florestan is gearing for the YHC with high scores already placing him in the top of the candidates for 2014. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My 40th foal crop is complete! And her name is "Jura" (Totilas - Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein)

So proud to show you the culmination of 40 years of breeding.

My 40th year of welcoming new foals, and the 31st with Antonio Lopez!

Here is Jura at 12 hours today (or 331 days!). I thought her Mama was black, but the black satin coat of Jura is the blackest of blacks!

 My homebred mare "Finale"(Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein - Herbststurm  - Pregel)  has proven again what a special producer she is. She was dam to the spectacular
"Templar" by Temptation last year.

Stemming from my foundation Trakehner mare, "Helena" (1975),  the Trakehner blood nicked well on Totilas sire line. (One of my former stallions was "Falke", who figures into the line of Gribaldi)

Finale waited for Aunt Cookie to come back home so she could photo document this Jura!

 Photo at left is Jura at 3 days; above is Jura at 12 hours


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Some nice Kannan babies dropping this season again.

KANNAN, "The" Man of the year

KANNAN filly out of a Corrado I mare. 

Lucky Terry Bucher with this one as well!

Flipper d'Elle babies 2014

Bright and  beautiful FLIPPER foals! You can count on him to make athletic and very pretty types. These are bred and owned by Terry Bucher, Equine Trading Co, in California

The inimitable FLIPPER 'd'ELLE !
Don't forget the excellent blood of the French bred stallion in your jumper breeding program. He adds catlike agility, fine character and loads of talent. Great with "old fashioned" and heavy mares. Outstanding quality frozen semen in stock at $950 per dose.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Darling Sezuan filly....

I have named her "SELAH"

Here is a charming filly, a little over a week old .... barely "unfolded" !


Thursday, April 24, 2014

“Celebrate Judy’s Birthday” Free Give Away! We have WINNERS!!

OH! We have a WINNER!! And she says she has never won anything in her LIFE!!
It is Audrey Maschue of Loxahatchie, Florida! Funny that it would be in my own state. She chose the stallion "Temptation".
On the spur of the moment, I decided I wanted to do a runner up, so we drew a second name! That is Bonne Vining of Benton City, Wa. She said she was "jumping up and down" with excitement on winning a dose of "Vitalis".
I wish I could give a present to every single person who entered, and so... if ANY of you who entered the contest decide to order frozen semen this season, I will waive my handling fee AND discount the doses by 5% of any of the stallions that I had listed. It was fun for me, and made this birthday one I will remember. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who took the time to enter.  And thank you to DressageDaily ; Mary Phelps and Liz Ruggiero.
I am feeling very lighthearted and happy now. Kind of like I DID have a birthday party. All the best, Judy

Chagall - 2007 KWPN and Oldenburg (Jazz - DeNiro - Romancier)

2014 marks the 40th foal crop Anniversary of Yancey Farms! This is my 40th year of having baby warmbloods without interruption , so I think it is something to celebrate! and my first warmblood foal was born near my birthday 40 years ago so, hence the fun of the "Birthday Celebration Sale".

Please see the requirements of the drawing below:
To Enter -
  • There is only ONE entry per person.
  • To be eligible - send an email to liz@horsesdaily.com - the subject line MUST read "Judy's Birthday Celebration Give Away" and then place the stallions name that you are entering the contest to win one dose of semen. In the body of the email please provide Full Name, Address, Phone Number and Email as winner will be notified via email/phone on April 24, 2014.
  • Eligible entries will be accepted until NOON on April 24, 2014. Entries after NOON will not be accepted in the drawing.
  • The contest is for ONE person to win ONE free dose of the winner's choice from the provided list of stallions in this promotion. No other offer is included in this drawing.
  • The winner will receive the dose at no cost but will be responsible for the roundtrip expense of shipping of Yancey Farm's vapor shipper.
  • Judy's gift includes the use of her shipper and normal “handling fee”, etc. (that is a value of $75)
Check out the list of eligible stallions below and Good Luck!
Ampere - KWPN and German Oldenburg (Rousseau - Flemmingh - Amor - Farn)
Ampere - KWPN and German Oldenburg (Rousseau - Flemmingh - Amor - Farn)

WIN a FREE dose of Frozen Semen of your choice of the following stallions:
Billy King
Clinton II
Dark President
Don Romantic

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let's look at this wonderfully supple FIDERBACH again!

This is such a nice type of stallion. Just look how wonderfully rideable he is. Wouldn't you just like to sit on that back? And what typey, elastic foals he is producing. For a young stallion, he has already begun to prove his "stamping" capabilities as a sire. The frozen semen has proven fertility and I have doses still in stock available for immediate delivery $675 per dose

FIDERTANZ - BARONCELLI - ALABASTER - a pedigree for performance and beauty!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

We sure are enjoying "Jumpin' Jack Flash"! Excellent colt FOR SALE

It was finally time to take a morning to photograph JACKIE. Photos at 3 weeks
What a special child he is. He is blessed with the happiest personality; coupled with excellent muscling, strength and control of his limbs. To my eyes, this is a colt that has all the attributes to breeze through the levels of dressage and be an outstanding competition horse. 

He is an athlete with a clear mind and great conformation, with amazing self carriage. 

Jackie is now offered for sale to a dedicated competition trainer/rider.

His dam is the significant producer, DREAM RUBINA (Dream of Glory - Rubinstein - Herbststurm - Pregel); dam of stallions "QREDIT" and "W.ELLINGTON" in Australia, full brother to JACKIE .


Friday, April 4, 2014

Count down time here too!

This is one of my "family" mares. FINALE is by Furst Heinrich out of my grand mare REINA H (Rubinstein - Herbststurm - Pregel) 
FINALE has already had some nice quality foals; last year's was the highlight of the season .... the colt TEMPLAR by Temptation - remember him?? He was of such excellent quality, that I made the decision to breed her with TOTILAS. Fetal sexed as a filly, she is due by the end of this month. Cookie gave NALI a nice scrubbing bath, she received her last booster vaccine and deworming before foaling, and now the wait begins! (Flanked by my two over loyal Dutchies, Phoenix and Aquille)