Thursday, December 31, 2015

More new stallions going up on the Stallion Roster! Don't miss them!

Revolution ! First offering.....
Revolution (Rocky Lee - Rouletto - Wendenburg)

Revolution ( registered name originally was Royal Marash) is THE million dollar baby that was the talk of the dressage world at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden in 2015. His body mechanics are just amazing to watch. He is a big , strong young stallion with an exceptionally pleasant temperament and willingness. He moves through his entire body with ease and suppleness. It will be so very interesting to see how he develops.
At a current price of $925 per dose, with reports of semen that is the high quality of this special young stallion.
Read more about him on his full page:  REVOLUTION !!

Also added today are:
Don Deluxe
Grand Galaxy Win

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BELANTIS - new video from Stallion show in Nuestadt - Dosse 2015

  (Benetton Dream - Expose - Sandro Hit) is still one of my favorite young stallions, for his gentle grace, excellent willingness to work and outstanding suppleness and overall quality of movement. His foals were very well received, showing the stamp from their sire in their supple movement. 
His great grandmother, Pamina, by Fruehlingsbote is the dam of the very good Quaterback son, QUADRONEUR. Semen in stock. Fertility was just super last season, and we should see some fancy and exciting foals soon. 




QUADRONEUR - a new video

I am enjoying the offspring of Quadroneur    (Quaterback - Sandro Hit - Fruehlingsbote) and am gearing up for our first shipments to arrive soon. I am adding some of this handsome stallion for us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

First large shipment is shaping up - any special requests ???

The first large shipment of the year is traditionally from Northern Germany;


Hanoverian State Stud Celle

I choose the stallions from each location that I particularly want to have in stock, however ANY stallion that IS AVAILABLE TO THE U.S. via frozen semen, I am happy to add to the shipment. All you need to do is CONTACT me  1 800 867-7021  and we will make sure the stallion you want is available and I will add it to the permit request and bring them in. Please be aware that not all stallions listed on the German sites are available for U.S. import.

With Schockemoehle's and Celle and Sprehe there are SO many stallions available, and SO many jumper stallions if you want one that I have not chosen, then just speak up and I will get it done. Check through my stallion pages first to see what will be coming.

Wishing all of us a better and happier breeding season than last.... I am still reeling from the failures! 

Merry Christmas too!!!

PS..... To make sure you read to the end of my post, this also serves as POP UP SALE for Holiday shoppers! Selected stallions in current inventory are  10% OFF and NO HANDLING charge!! (The sales price will show up on the checkout cart, and a coupon will be provided to deduct the $75 handling fee!)  What more can I give you for Christmas?? The website has been informed of the sale (!) and the shopping cart should function just fine.