Monday, April 30, 2012

Tamarinde's first child..... ! HOT JAZZ

I keep meaning to share this photo with you. 

Do you remember this glorious colt? This is TAMARINDE's first born, an et that was carried by a black Kiger mare. 

His sire is HOTLINE, who, at the time was a young name in breeding. Hotline has now proven to be a very good sire of horses with strong interior qualities.

The lovely rider is Jazzy's proud owner, Linda Parelli. He is now 5 years old and a shining beauty, just like his Mom. Thank you for the update, Linda.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The German girls are ready to meet you!

Looks like our German girls have shed their winter fuzzies and are ready to entertain visitors!
This is the stunning, tall BELINA (Belissimo - Depardieu - Weltmeyer)   SOLD

This is gentle GENOVENA (Belissimo M - Florencio - Donatelli)
We will be doing video and taking photos of all the girls next week. If you are considering a fancy, well bred young mare, please take a look at these hand picked fillies - reasonably priced. They were imported just before Christmas. They are all yearlings now.
This is sexy RICA AMOUR 
(San Amour - Depardieu - Glorieux )

Friday, April 13, 2012

Well, well, well............. what do we have here???

Please meet WHITE LION ! Testing results are already in - as I thought:Homozygous. Double dilute. Horse carries two copies of the Cream Dilution gene.

This is a very special colt, without saying anything about his color!

He is the first foal by my palomino Lusitano stallion, BRANCA LEAO. LION'S dam is the super producing mare, ISABEL by GAUCHO III. ISABEL's dam was one of my first Kiger mares, MIRAGE.
So I have done some thoughtful, interesting breeding, and have come up with a truly special colt, with excellent bone, conformation and size - a sweetie too.

Here he is shown at about 8 hours old. Cookie couldn't wait to come out and see what "we got" ! Thanks for the pics, Cook.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

No April Fools!! "Hear me Sing" has something to say!....

"Hear Me Sing" on her second day on the ground!

TAMARINDE has done another absolutely spectacular job, producing a truly glorious big, dark filly by the KWPN stallion VOICE (DeNiro - Rohdimant - Amor)

Here is "Hear me Sing" at 8 hours after foaling. She was 325 days. Big, strong, shiny, beautiful legs - couldn't have asked for more.