Monday, May 25, 2015

Breeding season 2015...

Lil Darlin at 3 1/2 months
This season of 2015 will have to go down for me as one of my worst in 41 breeding seasons! Granted, I am down to only 2 of my long time program's warmblood breeding mares, Dream Rubina and her sister Finale, but so far I have nothing from either one! Finale DID give 2 embryos by Grey Flanell and 1 embryo from DeNiro - unfortunately NONE of them survived in the recipient mares! Ugh..... I don't EVEN want to add that loss up!

The one bright spot is that my special dun Kiger/Andalusian mare, Cherokee Morning Breeze has given us another coming foal by the stallion Temptation (Tailormade Temptation). Her filly by him this year is just so exceptional. I just had to try again. And, of course, she conceived on one dose and is now 65+ days, and reported to be carrying a COLT for  2016! So, anyone wanting to snag another super interesting and stunning mover like Lil Darlin should pay attention!

Just LOOK at Lil now!! She is just something special!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ZONIK frozen semen has arrived - SOLD OUT

The ZONIK semen made it in just fine from Holland. I am so relieved that it is, because he is such a "hot" sire at the moment that they cannot keep up with breedings via cooled semen, and are using up the frozen there. His competition schedule will increase at the end of the breeding season, and there will not be another opportunity to collect for freezing.

This is the same reason that the other stallions owned by Glock's are not generally available for breeding. This might be the last we receive of Zonik for a while! It happened 2 years ago, when he sold to Glock's. They took him out of breeding to concentrate on his training. And what a smart decision that was... the progress that Ed Gal has made with Zonik is nothing less than stupendous.

Included in this shipment are also TOTO JR., Dark President, Alexandro P and Charmeur.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quite Feine - 2 Weeks Under Saddle - She is SOLD

This is the darling young mare "Quite Feine", aka "Ellie", who has just turned 3 years of age! She has just been started and these photos and video show her less than 3 weeks under saddle. To say she is bright and willing is an understatement!

She is one of the first offspring of QREDIT under saddle. (Qredit, my breeding, by Quaterback out of my Dream Rubina) and she just could not be more delightful! She is a compact size for the more petite rider, probably topping at 15.3 - 16 hands. But don't tell HER that! She has movement like a Ferrari and a heart as big as Texas! Willing and ready to go, anywhere, anytime! She is just a delight to be around, sound, strong, healthy, with absolutely nothing to apologize for!