Monday, May 25, 2015

Breeding season 2015...

Lil Darlin at 3 1/2 months
This season of 2015 will have to go down for me as one of my worst in 41 breeding seasons! Granted, I am down to only 2 of my long time program's warmblood breeding mares, Dream Rubina and her sister Finale, but so far I have nothing from either one! Finale DID give 2 embryos by Grey Flanell and 1 embryo from DeNiro - unfortunately NONE of them survived in the recipient mares! Ugh..... I don't EVEN want to add that loss up!

The one bright spot is that my special dun Kiger/Andalusian mare, Cherokee Morning Breeze has given us another coming foal by the stallion Temptation (Tailormade Temptation). Her filly by him this year is just so exceptional. I just had to try again. And, of course, she conceived on one dose and is now 65+ days, and reported to be carrying a COLT for  2016! So, anyone wanting to snag another super interesting and stunning mover like Lil Darlin should pay attention!

Just LOOK at Lil now!! She is just something special!