Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DREAM RUBINA and SEZUAN ....... what a pairing! Baby is SOLD


And what a wonderful Momma mare we got to carry this special foal to term! This is PATRICIA! 
She is a big, kind, pleasant mare, and a seasoned recipient Mom. I feel so fortunate to have such a good mare for Dream Rubina's Sezuan colt. Yes, it has been fetal sexed at 64 days as a COLT.
Dream Rubina (Dream of Glory - Rubinstein)

Again, I am offering the same arrangement as I did with the Totilas babies:
I am offering the outright sale of the embryo recipient mare, carrying the Sezuan x Beaner baby. I will carry it to 150 days on my own nickel and responsibility, with refundable deposit if something goes awry. At 150 days of gestation, after Vet ultrasound on that day, balance of purchase price is due, and Prospective Insurance can be purchased by Buyer (or not)...... At 150 days the price of the insurance goes way down. Then you take the mare home, birth and raise your own Sezuan baby - out of one of the finest mares in this country. 

 It is a rare offering. Call for details and a chat 1 800 867-7021