Saturday, November 12, 2016

Plans for the New Year's breeding season are well underway

Hard to believe, but soon we will turn our thoughts and efforts into producing yet another crop of hopefuls in our breeding programs. 
While I continue to encourage breeders to rely on tested, tried and true breeding sires, with proven frozen semen, there are always a few intriguing youngsters and newly available stallions that I can't pass by! 

Hesselhoj's Donkey Boy
I have been watching this supple, light footed, big walking youngster, HESSELHOJ'S DONKEY BOY.

Semen is frozen for US import and will be available.

Another possibly interesting choice coming out of Great Britain will be UTHOPIA (Metal - Inspekteur - Ulft) first time semen available
and his son U GENIUS (Uthopia - Negro Gerschwin) a strong young stallion

Semen from Helgstrand Dressage is due in January.  Once again we will have REVOLUTION, DON DELUXE, FRANKLIN and GRAND GALAXY WIN. We are eagerly awaiting the first foals of Revolution too!

I have much already in stock and will be ready to ship come January 1st. In the mean time, keep checking back for updates. You can go ahead and purchase what you need from my inventory and I will ship later. Leave any shipping date needs in the Comment section at check out in the shopping cart.
Early greetings from me to you all for peaceful, Happy HOLIDAYS coming up!