Friday, December 21, 2012

Champion stallion of the 2012 Stallion Performance Testing in the U.S., QREDIT, the first born offspring of Quaterback in the U.S. out of my super mare, Dream Rubina. Qredit is great grandson of my foundation Trakehner mare, Helena. Handsome man....... and I counted - there are 5 stallions Hadrian, Harper, Sirringo, Qredit and W.Ellington from that original dam line of Helena. Quite a mare....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

ABKE filly keeps winning on the line in Canada

Aritzia, an F1 Canadian Sport Horse filly bred and owned by Four Leaf Farms and Danielle Gregoire of Richmond, Ontario has an impressive history of wins since she started showing on the line as a foal.
Aritzia handled by Ronnie Davidson

Among them are the 2009 CSH National Foal Championship and since, has earned many CSH championships, including Grand Champion Canadian Sport Horse at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2009, 2010 and 2012.
Her most prestigious honour to date came on the final Saturday of the 2012 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair when she was declared winner of the Governor Genera’s Cup, considered the top prize for Canadian-bred three-year-olds that show potential as sport horses in the disciplines of hunter, jumping, eventing or dressage.
Aritzia is by European-based Hanoverian jumper stallion Abke out of an imported Hanoverian mare, Licorne (by Lemon Park). Danielle Gregoire and husband Ed Stewart added Licorne to their small sport horse breeding program at Four Leaf Farms to improve their broodmare band. When they bought her, she was in foal to Rotspon and produced a filly, Rumtanzen, in 2006.
Danielle says they learned about sport horse breeding by talking to top breeders in Canada and the U.S. They have also relied on the advice of Artizia’s handler, Ronnie Davidson, a veteran with many Cup wins to his credit.
Breeder Judy Yancey of Yancey Farms in Florida, who is also a frozen semen dealer, helped them choose Abke for Licorne. Danielle says her philosophy is to look at the mare’s strengths and improve on her without trying to change her.
Four Leaf Farms strives for quality rather than quantity and has just one or two foals a year. Aritzia’s full sister, All She Wrote, has started following in her sibling’s footsteps and finished as Reserve Champion to Aritizia’s Grand Champion at the CSH Breeders Show at the Royal. 
 Sire ABKE
Danielle advises small breeders not to be afraid to ask more experienced breeders’ for their opinions or for answers to questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. Hearing their feedback can be an invaluable in furthering your education about the breeding industry, she has found.

 By Tracy Hanes

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peaches continues to impress SOLD

This is "Peaches n Cream" by Lusitano stallion Veneno Imperial and out of my Cherokee Diamond Isabel who is by the famous Andalusian Gaucho III !
She is fancy, fancy. Anyone looking for a flashy Iberian dressage horse? She is 2, coming 3 and ready to be started soon under saddle. She will be a tall one.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kannan's son wins BIG again!

 After a stellar victory at the recent Olympics, Gold Medal winner, Steve Guerdat rode Nino Des Buissonnets to win the 330,000 Euro Grand Prix at Rio de Janeiro! 
 It was a 3 round competition, in which NINO went 3 times clear. Reported by "Horse and Hound" magazine, Nino still"showed tremendous speed for a great jump-off victory".
Go NINO! Make Kannan proud!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Only two foals to go to inspection today....

Well, this was another first for me. The first time since 1981, when I began doing my registration business with the German Oldenburg Verband, that I did not have the inspection on my own farm ........ and the first time I had only two foals to present!

But both boys did very well. FLAMBEAU (left)
earned his Premium Award. He is by Florestan out of Heide von Brandenburg (Stars). He is a handsome, powerful colt of extraordinary pedigree.
Tyra Vernon, owner

And QHRISTOPHER was a fancy boy today and not only earned his Premium Award, but also a Foal of Distinction. He is by Quaterback out of Rainy Romance . Lesley Eden, Owner.

Thank you Cookie for all the prep work as well as photos~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Credit for "QREDIT" !!!

Thank you Natalie for sharing this. All good thoughts are headed to Lamplight for a great day with QREDIT at the Finals. Tell Chris that I am sending all my good vibes!

Post Script: QREDIT was named Reserve Champion at the Young Horse Finals!

Friday, May 11, 2012

White Lion finding his power!

The White Lion is growing so well, showing his balance and power ..... like his Daddy! (Branca Leao)

White Lion w his Aunt Shimmer

His Genetic testing report was interesting - seems he has all of the colors of the rainbow! 
He is Ee; Black based but carries a recessive copy of the Red gene
Aa; carries one copy of the Agouti gene
CrCr; Homozygous. Double Dilute - he carries two copies of the Cream Dilution gene
He should be able to sire smoky black, buckskin, palomino, cremello, perlino,yellow dun, lilac dun, claybank dun, and on and on and on! 

From his quality of conformation, muscling, type, character, movement and pedigree, I believe he could be a good breeding stallion as well as competition horse like his Daddy. 
I offer White Lion for Sale 
By Branca Leao out of Cherokee Isabel by Gaucho III

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh, GOODNESS! I forgot to introduce you!

This is our very special boy, FLAMBEAU, by FLORESTAN out of HEIDE VON BRANDENBURG,aka STARS (Quaterback - Sandro Hit - Paradiesvogel).

Here he is at two days' of age, testing his new legs!

What a stellar pedigree for performance.

Our baby Beau is sold.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tamarinde's first child..... ! HOT JAZZ

I keep meaning to share this photo with you. 

Do you remember this glorious colt? This is TAMARINDE's first born, an et that was carried by a black Kiger mare. 

His sire is HOTLINE, who, at the time was a young name in breeding. Hotline has now proven to be a very good sire of horses with strong interior qualities.

The lovely rider is Jazzy's proud owner, Linda Parelli. He is now 5 years old and a shining beauty, just like his Mom. Thank you for the update, Linda.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The German girls are ready to meet you!

Looks like our German girls have shed their winter fuzzies and are ready to entertain visitors!
This is the stunning, tall BELINA (Belissimo - Depardieu - Weltmeyer)   SOLD

This is gentle GENOVENA (Belissimo M - Florencio - Donatelli)
We will be doing video and taking photos of all the girls next week. If you are considering a fancy, well bred young mare, please take a look at these hand picked fillies - reasonably priced. They were imported just before Christmas. They are all yearlings now.
This is sexy RICA AMOUR 
(San Amour - Depardieu - Glorieux )

Friday, April 13, 2012

Well, well, well............. what do we have here???

Please meet WHITE LION ! Testing results are already in - as I thought:Homozygous. Double dilute. Horse carries two copies of the Cream Dilution gene.

This is a very special colt, without saying anything about his color!

He is the first foal by my palomino Lusitano stallion, BRANCA LEAO. LION'S dam is the super producing mare, ISABEL by GAUCHO III. ISABEL's dam was one of my first Kiger mares, MIRAGE.
So I have done some thoughtful, interesting breeding, and have come up with a truly special colt, with excellent bone, conformation and size - a sweetie too.

Here he is shown at about 8 hours old. Cookie couldn't wait to come out and see what "we got" ! Thanks for the pics, Cook.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

No April Fools!! "Hear me Sing" has something to say!....

"Hear Me Sing" on her second day on the ground!

TAMARINDE has done another absolutely spectacular job, producing a truly glorious big, dark filly by the KWPN stallion VOICE (DeNiro - Rohdimant - Amor)

Here is "Hear me Sing" at 8 hours after foaling. She was 325 days. Big, strong, shiny, beautiful legs - couldn't have asked for more.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am going CRAZY with the amount of mindless mis-information going around

You know, the WBFSH bothers to put into writing it's directives for quality standards for FRESH, CHILLED and FROZEN semen.
Great! Fine! I am happy about that. So, I read it. No problem. I understand and agree with what they say. My standards are even higher.
Well, do you THINK that U.S. breeders can even read or interpret properly????
Now, in a phone call with a mare owner, I hear that a Vet was telling HER Vet that I was "selling 1/2 doses" because my frozen semen doses "ONLY" contained 320 million Progressively Motile Sperm Cells"!!!!
A VET!!!, mind you! She said that it should have 600 million PM cells! CAN SHE NOT READ what the WBFSH bothered to WRITE?!! I am going crazy! If a Vet starts these rumors, then mare owners start to question and panic. It is time for people to educate themselves and quit calling everyone cheaters.
READ this and DO NOT get confused between Chilled semen, diluted/transported semen and FROZEN SEMEN!!!
Chilled semen:
sperm dose : - minimum of 300 million progressively motile spermatazoa at time of
- insemination within 12 hours of collection
- storage conditions maintained
- progressively motile spermatazoa at time of insemination no
less than 35%
sperm dose: minimum of 600 million progressively motile spermatozoa at
time of portioning
- maximum volume 40 cc (dilution 1:2)
- insemination 24-36 hours after collection
- storage conditions maintained
- progressively motile spermatozoa at time of insemination no
less than 35%
All semen leaving the insemination center has to be treated as
diluted/transport semen.
Frozen semen:
volume dose: dependent on manufacturing process
sperm dose: minimum of 35% progressively motile spermatozoa postthawing
minimum of 250 million progressively motile spermatozoa per A.I. dose post-thawing
- A breeding dose for insemination of one mare has to contain a minimum of 3 insemination
- free to sell a single insemination dose

Do you think it's a problem of the Vet not knowing the difference between fresh cooled and frozen semen?????

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Congratulations to my TAMARINDE !!

The KWPN has recently published the results of the Breeding Value for Mares in Feb., 2012.
They ranked the top 500 mares in different categories. My Mare, TAMARINDE, was placed #81 in the Category of Mares without offspring in dressage sport. Her oldest foal is 4 this year, the Hotline colt. All of her foals are in the U.s.
Her dressage index is 176 , reliability 41%


How fun it will be to see her filly by VOICE, waiting to be born in a few weeks!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cherokee Shimmering Pearl !!! aka "Pearlie"

We have an absolutely darling Kiger filly as our first foal of the year! This is Pearlie, by my big guy, Cherokee Twister and out of Cherokee Shimmer who is by my Cherokee Warrior and out of Cherokee Diamond Mirage. Whew!

Shimmer and Pearlie are FOR SALE - The Pair has SOLD

If you have ever had interest in owning top quality Kigers, here is an outstanding opportunity to get two of the best.

This is Pearlie at 9 days ; she was born 2 - 22 - 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I offer Baby Bel for sale.......Baby Bel is SOLD

BEL AURORA, aka "Baby Bel" Has been a special darling around here since her birth. Her dam was my beautiful Rubinstein mare, Belrose. Now, Baby Bel has grown up and is nicely started under saddle. She is kind, beautiful and has just a super depth of pedigree for future breeding.

She stands right at 16 hands now, and hasn't found all of her withers yet. So, I estimate she will mature the size of her dam, at 16. 1. If you are interested in such a special young mare, please just let me know. 
Thank you for the interest in this nice young mare. She has been sold.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, I don't know where to begin....

To say good bye to my dear, sweet Mom. This photo was not two weeks ago, January 26th, on her 96th birthday. We had a fun surprise party for her and she felt that it was such a "Big Day".
She suffered a massive heart attack last Thursday, the 2nd of Feb., but with excellent intervention, things seemed to be coming along ok.... to the point that I was preparing to bring her home. But, God had greater designs for her, and took her quickly Sunday night, on the eve of her wedding anniversary.
So, I have a huge hole in my heart too. She was my Mother, always kind, tender and understanding. She was my best friend, and biggest fan. She loved the horses. Most of all, she taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Her gentle nature will be sorely missed by those of us left behind, but I take solace in the fact that she is peacefully with my Dad, out of any danger and any pain.
Just had to share this with you, and hope you will understand if I am out of business contact for the next days. We will take her home to Texas finally.
Any personal notes or flowers can be directed to Bluebonnet Hills , 5725 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, Tx 76034, (817) 281-8751 for Thelma Jernigan Gillan