Friday, April 13, 2012

Well, well, well............. what do we have here???

Please meet WHITE LION ! Testing results are already in - as I thought:Homozygous. Double dilute. Horse carries two copies of the Cream Dilution gene.

This is a very special colt, without saying anything about his color!

He is the first foal by my palomino Lusitano stallion, BRANCA LEAO. LION'S dam is the super producing mare, ISABEL by GAUCHO III. ISABEL's dam was one of my first Kiger mares, MIRAGE.
So I have done some thoughtful, interesting breeding, and have come up with a truly special colt, with excellent bone, conformation and size - a sweetie too.

Here he is shown at about 8 hours old. Cookie couldn't wait to come out and see what "we got" ! Thanks for the pics, Cook.