Saturday, March 12, 2016

OK! Time for 2016 FOALS FOR SALE! This is "Temptation's Twist" - my only foal this year!

"Temtwist" is an amazing boy. He is full sibling to the spectacular filly from last year that we called "Lil Darlin"..... and they are 2 peas in a pod. But the boy has 2 hind high socks, yet same star!

This is Lil Darlin the full sister to Temtwist, born in 2015. Photos about the same age as Twist now. From his Owner: Stephanie Sitzberger I can attest to the fantastic niche this breeding produces. The filly is sensitive, smart, brave and affectionate in temperament and breathtaking in movement. Can you tell I love her?

And THIS is what she turned into by 2 months of age!! 
Oh, is her owner happy with her now!
She was snapped up right away by a dressage rider/trainer with future competition in mind.

There is just an undeniable, special nick with Tailormade Temptation and Cherokee Morning Breeze. 
She is a powerful mare, whose hindquarters show up in these foals. Both foals are full of movement, power and are very correct in their conformation. TemTwist will be a big horse, as is his sister. Here are more photos of TemTwist

I offer him as a most special prospect for a nominal price.  If you have interest in this big boy, please give me a call! 1 800 867-7021

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Don Juan de Hus semen ready for import

It has been about 5 years since I started trying to get Don Juan semen here, and finally they have a FEW doses frozen for US import. They did not do a long quarantine, just enough to get a small amount. It is expensive, but if you must have DON JUAN DE HUS, here is your opportunity. 
*Update: I did receive a semen report from them and the 4 straw doses are generous and semen numbers look very good. Proven fertility from his frozen.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First CANADIAN shipment ready to head out


Dear Canadian breeders, If you are needing anything from my Stallion frozen semen inventory, I am preparing the first large shipment of the year to head north. 

There is still time to jump on board for this shipment and there will be another one next month.