Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am going CRAZY with the amount of mindless mis-information going around

You know, the WBFSH bothers to put into writing it's directives for quality standards for FRESH, CHILLED and FROZEN semen.
Great! Fine! I am happy about that. So, I read it. No problem. I understand and agree with what they say. My standards are even higher.
Well, do you THINK that U.S. breeders can even read or interpret properly????
Now, in a phone call with a mare owner, I hear that a Vet was telling HER Vet that I was "selling 1/2 doses" because my frozen semen doses "ONLY" contained 320 million Progressively Motile Sperm Cells"!!!!
A VET!!!, mind you! She said that it should have 600 million PM cells! CAN SHE NOT READ what the WBFSH bothered to WRITE?!! I am going crazy! If a Vet starts these rumors, then mare owners start to question and panic. It is time for people to educate themselves and quit calling everyone cheaters.
READ this and DO NOT get confused between Chilled semen, diluted/transported semen and FROZEN SEMEN!!!
Chilled semen:
sperm dose : - minimum of 300 million progressively motile spermatazoa at time of
- insemination within 12 hours of collection
- storage conditions maintained
- progressively motile spermatazoa at time of insemination no
less than 35%
sperm dose: minimum of 600 million progressively motile spermatozoa at
time of portioning
- maximum volume 40 cc (dilution 1:2)
- insemination 24-36 hours after collection
- storage conditions maintained
- progressively motile spermatozoa at time of insemination no
less than 35%
All semen leaving the insemination center has to be treated as
diluted/transport semen.
Frozen semen:
volume dose: dependent on manufacturing process
sperm dose: minimum of 35% progressively motile spermatozoa postthawing
minimum of 250 million progressively motile spermatozoa per A.I. dose post-thawing
- A breeding dose for insemination of one mare has to contain a minimum of 3 insemination
- free to sell a single insemination dose

Do you think it's a problem of the Vet not knowing the difference between fresh cooled and frozen semen?????

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Congratulations to my TAMARINDE !!

The KWPN has recently published the results of the Breeding Value for Mares in Feb., 2012.
They ranked the top 500 mares in different categories. My Mare, TAMARINDE, was placed #81 in the Category of Mares without offspring in dressage sport. Her oldest foal is 4 this year, the Hotline colt. All of her foals are in the U.s.
Her dressage index is 176 , reliability 41%


How fun it will be to see her filly by VOICE, waiting to be born in a few weeks!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cherokee Shimmering Pearl !!! aka "Pearlie"

We have an absolutely darling Kiger filly as our first foal of the year! This is Pearlie, by my big guy, Cherokee Twister and out of Cherokee Shimmer who is by my Cherokee Warrior and out of Cherokee Diamond Mirage. Whew!

Shimmer and Pearlie are FOR SALE - The Pair has SOLD

If you have ever had interest in owning top quality Kigers, here is an outstanding opportunity to get two of the best.

This is Pearlie at 9 days ; she was born 2 - 22 - 2012