Thursday, October 28, 2010

News of one of my "children" from the past...

I am always so thrilled when an owner of one of my produce takes the time to contact me about their horse. Invariably, they love their horse, and thank me for making him/her. It is so bittersweet, especially when the horse happens to have been a particular favorite.
This was my "Tommy"! Born in 1997 by my homebred, licensed stallion "Harper" (By my stallion Mahon out of my foundation mare Helena ).
Tommy's dam was another homebred , "Halo" (by my stallion Falke out of Helen's Image by my stallion Beaute' - a linebreeding to the great dam Helena. I have a full sister to Tommy here)
Too much information???
Anyway, turns out that Tommy is still in Texas, ended up 17 hands and very gorgeous. But his name was changed and is now "Neopolitan". His owner is Kathy Thomas in Manor, Texas ... and she is very proud of her boy who is now 13 years young!

I recently purchased an Oldenburg gelding named Neopolitan. His sire was Harper and his dam was Halo. I am a first time horse owner late in life (finally fulfilling the childhood dream I guess). I believe you were Neo’s breeder and wondered if you by chance had any photos of him in his youth.
Neo has lots of personality and is a complete lover and pleaser. You make great colts!!

We won high point champion in Introduction Level and he is very proud when he is in the ring.

I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I know that my kids are still alive, well, and , above all loved and appreciated. Can't get any better than that.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A study in contrast........

Each one is a beautiful example of their breed type. The black is my super young mare, Finale (Furst Heinrich out of Reina H)
Her friend is my homebred Kiger mare, a 2 year old, by my stallion Cherokee Warrior and out of my original Kiger mare, Cherokee Spirit (who babysits the weanlings!)