Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some days it only takes one person to make you smile....

Me smiling! 
Thank you Jeannine Neubauer for being so thoughtful as to take the time to share what was on your mind..... and for making me smile!!

Hello Judy! 
We have never met and you don’t know me but I feel like I have known you for years.  I first heard of you from Joyce Heizer years ago when she was your neighbor in TX.  I worked with her in Dayton, Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB when she was doing AF Reserve duty.  I had just bred my TB mare to a lovely Trakehner stallion and of course we were off and running with that knowledge.  I lost touch with Joyce in a few years, but never forgot her talking of you.  Over the years, I enjoyed your web page and all of the absolutely beautiful babies you were breeding and the stallions you made available to U.S. mare owners. 
Jump ahead 20 years (with me still enjoying your web page) and I decide to start riding again after 30 years out of the saddle.  Retirement from federal service has taken me to my current status with time and a bit of money to take lessons with my Haflinger gelding (great pony for my 62 years on this earth).  I decided to ride with Sue Black of Trails End Equestrian Center in Dayton.  Wouldn’t you know that she had purchased Arrick Harper from you and there he was standing in the stall – as beautiful as any picture on your web site!  I was thrilled to be able to know a little about his breeding (Trakehner) and happy to watch him in person.
Now I am three years into my lessons and training and still enjoying your web site and seeing your Trakehner breeding program producing amazing horses.  I was awed to see Jura – what a stunning filly – again showing the Trakehner background. 
So…my reason for writing?  I wanted to congratulate you on 40 years of hard work and perseverance to produce such wonderful horses and to thank you for taking me along, albeit unknown to you, on this journey with the Trakehner horse.
Jeannine Neubauer
Xenia, Ohio (old ATA member)