Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Mare Breeding Blues!!! 10% off sale from Yancey Farms NOW!..

So, Yancey Farms has been trying hard to keep up with breeding statistics this seasons with the selected stallions that we represent. Many of you have received emails from Jane Taylor, my Assistant, requesting reports/results of your breeding attempts. Many mare owners (myself included) are frustrated with percentage of pregnancies this season. Even with stallions whose frozen semen has proven excellent over past seasons are not able to get the job done.

Well, for many, the season is getting near the end, money is tight  and Vet bills are high. Yes... I experience the SAME costs as you, so I KNOW!!

From now, Saturday June 9th until end of day on June 15th, I offer a straight 10% discount on any doses you want to buy, as well as FREE HANDLING !  ...

You will need TWO coupon codes; "summertime" and "judysgift". Although some stallions are sold out now, I still have a fine list. Quite a few are already tested for WFFS , and are so notated on their page.

BY THE WAY..... PLEASE send your results to Jane. Just respond to her email..... she has worked so hard on the list and has sent out hundreds of emails to this year's breeders. She has created an informative spread sheet and we hope to have a comprehensive fertility report at the end of the season. 


 This offer is only good on orders placed through the website and applies to the United States only. Sorry Canada.