Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some thoughts for you to ponder as we head to a new season of breeding.

Broere JAZZ will be with us again - semen in stock now
OK!!! I have had a wonderful sabbatical the last few months, and am feeling renewed and refreshed. 

I have some nice surprises coming in the Frozen Semen Program. 

We are adding a SALES page for all of the offspring of the stallions that I represent through my frozen semen program.  I believe it will prove to be a valuable tool for breeders, as I have so many serious warmblood breeders and trainers in my customer base. 

I still welcome your requests for breeding advice. With 40 years of experience in producing some pretty high quality dressage horses, I feel that I can give some good insight into pedigree analysis, conformation and choosing some options in stallions for breeding. 

Last, but not least, to answer the question I have been receiving daily lately ----- YES, I am adding some interesting new stallions for the season. Look for our new upcoming ad in Warmbloods Today, and the Stallion Directory .... and stay tuned to Judy's News! And we will continue to stock our favorite jumper sires, like KANNAN
KANNAN, currently  #1 jumper sire

I continue to stress the importance of using seasoned, proven breeding stallions in your fledgling programs. Stick with what is tried and true, and do not fall into the current thinking of "Flavor of the month" young stallions. Look to their sires, dams, dam's sires, etc. Those are the generations that are producing these fancy modern types. But these fancy modern types have not aged to the point of proving their value to consistently produce good riding horses. Please keep in mind that we should be striving to produce very rideable horses for our U.S. base of riders and trainers. You might notice that every now and then I have chosen a young stallion that I really believed in to introduce to the breeders here, i.e.: Quaterback, Ampere, Floriscount, and last year, Finest and Fiderbach. They ALL had something extra ordinary... not just their movement, but their depth of pedigree and correctness. Happily they are NOW beginning to prove their worth as breeding stallions, producing a consistent type, with the older ones already showing quality youngsters under saddle. And THIS year I am adding TOTO JR and APACHE

Anyway, stay tuned for my 30th(!!) season of providing frozen semen options to the breeders in the U.S.   Like my favorite stallions, My programs are..... "TESTED, TRIED and TRUE"