Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My 40th foal crop is complete! And her name is "Jura" (Totilas - Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein)

So proud to show you the culmination of 40 years of breeding.

My 40th year of welcoming new foals, and the 31st with Antonio Lopez!

Here is Jura at 12 hours today (or 331 days!). I thought her Mama was black, but the black satin coat of Jura is the blackest of blacks!

 My homebred mare "Finale"(Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein - Herbststurm  - Pregel)  has proven again what a special producer she is. She was dam to the spectacular
"Templar" by Temptation last year.

Stemming from my foundation Trakehner mare, "Helena" (1975),  the Trakehner blood nicked well on Totilas sire line. (One of my former stallions was "Falke", who figures into the line of Gribaldi)

Finale waited for Aunt Cookie to come back home so she could photo document this Jura!

 Photo at left is Jura at 3 days; above is Jura at 12 hours