Sunday, March 30, 2014

ZACK (Blue Hors Zack) continues to dominate

The ZACK son, Vincent Maranello (by Zack x Future Cup) was proclaimed dressage winner of the recent Danish Stallion testing with 866 points.  Owned by Helgstrand Dressage, he was bred by Jane Gry Haugum. The horse scored 9s for  canter and potential.
Another young dressage stallion, Zodiac (by Zack), also was licensed with 815 points. 

ZACK should be a familiar name to all Sporthorse breeders by now. He has been proving to be an exceptionally producing stallion for years now, and his offspring have been dominating all aspects of riding disciplines as well.
Think "Zonik" , "Sezuan" (winner 2013 Danish Young Horse Ch), "Zatchmo", "Zorba Hojris" (Ch 2012 Danish stallion licensing), and Zick Zack, Zig Zag, Zidane,Zalto, Zgander,Zardetto, Zaragossa,, Zepter, "Zaladin" (Jan Brinks, Swedish Young Horse Ch), "Zick Flower", "Zee Me Blue" (winner 2013 Danish Stallion licensing), "Zaladin" ( winner 2012 Swedish Stallion Performance Test), "Zacksu" ..........ALL 4 & 5 year old offpsring of Zack in top competition!
We have provided frozen semen of Zack for several years. We will once again have it in stock for the upcoming season.