Thursday, March 20, 2014

My 40th (!) foal crop is established with the birth of this strong colt!

A beautiful boy, 2 days old, 2014

Here is something interesting to me:

A beautiful boy 28 hours old 2009!
28 hours and on the run, Ellington 2009
Photos are of the brand new 2014 colt by WYNTON out of DREAM RUBINA, and of his FULL brother from 2009, the gorgeous  W.ELLINGTON, now in Australia. Many of you already know W. Ellington .... but can you tell the difference in them as brand new  babies? Only by the stockings I think!! 

Who needs cloning when you have a mare like "Beaner"!!??

Antonio Lopez has birthed out 31 of these foal crops with me!

Ellington and Dream Rubina 2009

And here is how W. Ellington turned out! Champion 4 y.o. young horse of NSW Australia with Andrew Buckley.