Monday, March 3, 2014

I continue my efforts to remind you of solid producing stallions, and, ranking among the highest in my books, is STILL QUATERBACK. When I first introduced Quaterback to the U.S. market back in 2007 he was the HOTTEST kid on the block! The most fabulous thing we had seen. He set the standards for powerful movement.
Well, over 50+ licensed stallions and 30+ States Premium Mares later, he is still the cash cow for the Brandenburg Hauptgestuet. He can't help it if his income is so important for the State Stud that they don't send him out for competitions. He has become so important as a sire. 

Personally, I have had 9 of them and each one has been absolutely outstanding. His frozen semen also sets the standards for quality and fertility. 
Here are a few offspring of Quaterback that I have had:
"Stars" and Ilse Schwartz

Quantum Jazz & Debbie Hill, YHC 2013

Do not pass him by if you are trying to find a "stamping" stallion. He can give you power, freedom and fine personality.