Saturday, September 10, 2011

Am so happy to hear from ARRICK HARPER and Sue Black

Remember our 4 y.o. ARGENTINUS gelding out of HEARTS AFIRE by HARPER? He is a homebred of 4 generations. It is always so special to hear from them again.
I took Arrick to his first show. He did very well with scores up to 71+%. He is settled in and gained back all the weight he lost growing and the trip up here. I am really looking forward to next year. I hope he matures this winter and will be able to do the 5 year old test next year. I am really pleased with him. You did a wonderful job of breeding not only talent but a great disposition and willingness to work. Also, Ilsa (Schwartz) did a great job with his training. Here's a picture from the show so you can see what he looks like."

Thanks again,