Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dream Rubina and her grand-daughter, Quite Feine!

Yesterday we took the opportunity to grab a couple of photos of the generations! Quite Feine represents my 5th generation ...... and everyone that has been around the barn has noticed how the yearling filly is crazy about her Granny, Dream Rubina.
Quite Feine by Qredit , Dream Rubina's son!

10 y.o. Dream Rubina and grand daughter Quite Feine

Look how happy and easy both girls are.
She just goes crazy when she sees Granny ..... calling, standing on her hind legs to see out her stall. And she was so peaceful to stand for photos with her sweet Granny. Quite Feine was bred by Meg Sherman out of her mare VPS Feiner Dance )Feiner Stern - Riverman)
Blood will tell!