Monday, January 9, 2017

U-Genius offering is now closed

Whew! That was fun!  Claire Hester and I had a delightful time reviewing each and every "application" that came in. It was quite interesting  We studied pedigrees, nicks, type, conformation, etc. Particularly the pedigrees, as the goal is to maximize the qualities of sire and dam and produce a quality individual. 
 Well, it was not easy. There were some really solid mares, good types, deep pedigrees, etc. that came in. But, in the end, we believe we have chosen an interesting variety of types and pedigrees. It will surely help in the assessment of what this good young stallion, U-Genius, will contribute in a pairing. Every mare was a definite candidate, as the quality of mares that owners offered was very high.
This offer has been so very well received and now is oversubscribed, so we will call it a day on applicants and, with permission of mare owners, will list the mares and pedigree with which we will start the breeding career of U-Genius in North America! You will find, in his page on my website that he is now available at a "per dose" price.

So, many thanks to all the mare owners that took interest!