Thursday, July 6, 2017

A very nice END OF SEASON SPECIAL for you! $400/dose

Being a mare owner/breeder also, I empathize with those of you who are finding yourselves at the end of a difficult season with empty mares.
I have just had an idea and would like to put forth this offering to you: 

There is ONE stallion that I brought semen from this season that has surpassed all other stallions for fertility. And, this stallion has also been offered all season long with a Live Foal Guarantee.
This is SERANO GOLD, a classically bred Oldenburg stallion of excellent type, and the best of temperament and willingness to work that absolutely shines through in all of his offspring. He stamps his offspring in his image, both interior and exterior qualities.

To this day, I believe his positive note for the American Warmblood breeding market is the absolute trainability/rideability of his offspring. He is such a strong stamper and gives a consistent “product” in very user friendly, beautiful, and easy to ride and train partners. This is a jewel of a sire for the American dressage market, and I would not discount him as a hunter sire.
Here is Serano , age 17, on July 4, 2017 ....still fresh and fit, having a daily work .

This is a Serano Gold son, "Silencio Gold" now competing at Prix St. Georges.

For this first season, breeders that took advantage of Serano were well rewarded with a 100% conception rate. Now, granted there were only 9 mares bred, but I still think that speaks volumes for the quality and fertility of this most excellently produced semen. You can read the semen report yourself, and be amazed! 

Computerunterstützte Qualitätsbeurteilung (Sperm Vision)
GesamtmotileSZ: 76.79% ProgressiveSZ: 73.63%
Konzentration: Mio/ml
Viability: (Membranintegrität) Intakt: 49.59 % Defekt: 50.41 %

Here are semen protocols from Serano Gold.
 I am very sorry, we only have it in German.
It says:
Fresh Semen:
motile sperm in total: 90.85%
progressive motile sperm: 85.71%
 Viability: (membrane integrity)
Intact: 92,91%
Defect: 7.09%

Frozen Semen:
motile sperm in total: 76.79%
progressive motile sperm:73.63%
 Viability: (membrane integrity)
Intact: 49.59%
Defect: 50.41%
Breeding dose >300 mio progressive
493 mio /ml total cells

Janine Kuntz
Besamungs-und Embryotransferstation
Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
Veterinärplatz 1
1210 Wien

I offer this semen, $400 per dose, no handling fee (use coupon code "freehand17")......... offer good until end of July, when I am closing the doors to this season of 2017.  Offer only available for U.S. sales.
SO! If there is anything ELSE that you want to have on hand, or use later this season, please purchase it now, as I have earned a holiday for myself after THIS season!!