Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another young filly growing into a mare....

This is FRIGGA (Florencio - Pik Labionics - Manstein - Tin Rocco). She is one of the 3 fillies I bought out of South Germany as babies. I like to quietly start them in the winter before their third year, giving youngsters a solid start. Then, it is easy to pick up again.
This is such a solid young mare. Study her if you want to see exemplary hind legs, weight bearing, good articulation in hock joints. She is supple, fluid and has a wonderful , big relaxed walk. All in all, with her deep pedigree, she is a total package.
Fred Tuller has been starting all of my horses, Warmbloods, Kigers, Lusitanos, TBs since 2000. They always come back from him feeling so good about themselves. I am spoiled! And Cookie there to take photos.... it was a lovely day yesterday!