Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This goes to show - you never know how you will impact another's life. Be Kind!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Beaute' and Me - early years!
Beau was the kindest ever
Beau w one of his little friends!
Hello Ms. Yancey,

My name is Heather Smith Bulba and I knew you many years ago.  You made a huge impact on my life.  I was so thrilled to come across your name on the internet as I was searching for a picture of Beaute to show my daughter.

You were kind enough to take me under your wing back around 1978.  My family had just moved to Southlake and I was friendless and a miserable teen.  I had a huge passion for horses and wanted to learn everything about them.  I boldly walked up to your place one day and asked if you would give me horseback riding lessons. I was thrilled that you agreed and I proceeded to come down to your place as often as I could!  I have fond memories of watching the foals frolic while I had the privilege of riding Beaute on the lunge line.  He was and still is the most gentlest and beautiful horse I have ever known.  I also made Helena's acquaintance -- she threw me one day.  I don't know who it scared more -- you or me.  I always felt so bad for you when that happened and so glad we both survived!  :)

I still have the horse figurines that you and your parents gave me and I recall the memories at your beautiful place in the woods often.  I tell my daughter stories about my time spent with you, the horses, Thaddeus, Echo and Pinky Lee.

I read about Yancey Farms on line.  It looks like you are still hard at what you love best.

I wanted to thank you for making a difference in my life.

Warmest regards,