Sunday, February 23, 2014

the WOW factor of FIDERBACH

FIDERBACH (Fidertanz - Baroncelli - Alabaster) continues to "WOW" me.   

Yesterday was his presentation at the Klatte stallion show. We waded through tons of jumpers, then they presented two new foals by this wonderful young stallion. The chestnut filly out of a Londonderry mare was absolutely darling. She is classy, classy - leggy, chiseled features, and just FULL of movement and self carriage. The black filly was very young, but also leggy and showed freedom and suspension. I am excited to follow his foal crop this year. 
He began by presenting himself very workmanlike, engaging his hind legs, and simply floating across the arena. His canter is inspired - amazing. His strength and training has progressed in the last 2 months. He is one that impresses me, and after 40 years of breeding, that is sometimes quite a feat! But it is not often I find such a package of quality; quality of pedigree, quality of type, quality of movement, freedom, suspension. Some fellow came out to comment on him and seemed to distract the young stallion. He became a young boy for a moment, and reacted to something in the corner and tested his young rider a bit. All to be expected from a young stallion in such a situation. But he is athletic and tractable, and should be something to watch under saddle. Hopefully he will get the proper riders and trainers in his future. Can you tell that I am excited about him??
I will work on getting photos of the foals. In the mean time, our shipment of his frozen semen has arrived, and I am so pleased to have that available for U.S. breeders. Excellent introductory price of $675/dose.