Sunday, January 4, 2015

Babies now have to be big girls, called "Yearlings"

JURA YF by Totilas -Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein

SELAH DREAMGIRL by Sezuan - Painted Black - Donnerhall
A girl NEEDS a best friend.

And how lucky are Baby Jura and Selah to have each other !

JURA shows her sire's type, topline and neck set, as well as his use of hind leg.

SELAH DREAMGIRLis stamped by her sire, SEZUAN, with his long legs, narrower frame and his face, down to her markings. Happily, she has his breathtaking movement too. Someday we will get that on film! Check out her pedigree:

SEZUAN - PAINTED BLACK - DONNERHALL - LEMON xx - TRAPPER, going again back to the DETEKTIV line in her damline. A jewel of a pedigree

Baby Jura is into her showing off stage, still sassy from staying with her Mom so long! Milk fat and full of herself!