Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This short write up on the charming and wildly talented jumper BALOU STAR is from my colleague James Crawford in England, who was present at the Hartpury stallion show over the weekend. Quite a few spectators claimed BALOU STAR as the STAR of the show.
BALOU STAR - NO fear!!

"BALOU STAR" wowed spectators at the BBSH Stallion Show at Hartpury yesterday by jumping to the top of the wings; the highest jump by the smallest stallion in the showjumping section! His obvious enthusiasm and technique over a jump won him many admirers, and after the end of the show his stable was crowded with visitors who had seen him performa and had wanted to meet him and talk to his owner, Udo Oppermann, and his rider Pippa Allen. His outstanding temperament was endorsed by the number of people who clustered around him in his stable, where he was enjoying all the attention in his usual very laid back way.
Once in the arena, he was transformed - springing forward to the jump, and looking as though he was enormous fun to ride. The Allens, with whom he will be based in 2015, confirm how easy he is to manage on the ground, and how responsive and trainable he is to ride. 
Several enquirers were interested to hear that although he only has a few progeny on the ground, so far both those our of warmblood mares and (in a couple of examples) ISH mare, all show every evidence of making 16.1+ hands. On the other hand, used on a blood pony mare he is likely to be an ideal prospect for breeding an outstanding young riders horse. "

Thank you James for the "eyes on" reporting from Hartpury. I had also read another account of the unbelievable jump that BALOU STAR showed, coupled with a super winning personality. He is a cutie!

With a wonderful pedigree (Balou du Rouet x Quick Star), lovely conformation and type, with outstanding athleticism and scope, BALOU STAR could fit into jumper programs here in the U.S., where we look for nice type, scope, bascule, movement, personality and rideability!
The frozen semen is now ready for shipment to U.S. Check him out and see if he can help in YOUR program.