Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Kigers or fancy Warmbloods.... I have loved them all

and am so proud when I get a nice letter, photo and report on ANY of my "kids"! Thank you, Poe.

Cherokee Spirit's Shining Glory by Cherokee Warrior out of Cherokee Spirit, Kiger  homebred

"Dear Judy,
I hope this finds you rested from your Hill Country sojourn in Texas.  As the light fades here in New England, the air gets crisp and hunting season begins, I wanted to send you thanks and a picture of Glory (although not in the ribbons your other horses are accustomed to wearing).  
Glory has been everything that you represented and so much more.  Quiet, sane, very . . .very smart and still plenty of horse.  She has done everything I've asked - not blindly, but with much thought and deliberation.  You can see her thinking through things :)  Regardless of the time of day, she greets me at the gate.  Always a lady, she loves to be fussed over and will stand for days when I groom her.  Affectionate, kind yet still independent.  A delightful combination.   And she's not quite as plump as she looks as her winter coat is already in and bristled.   
Someday I may want to breed her to get another just like her but a tad taller.  I will be in touch to get your thoughts on that when the time comes. I may also call later in the year to talk about my other horse in Germany - could use some of your advice with that one.
But today, I just wanted to say thank you - thank you for sending me this soul saving treasure.    Please know that she is very, very loved!!!
Kind regards,