Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let me offer a bit of clarification on Schockemoehle Station sales....

Many of you have been receiving emails offering a "new" program of "buying directly" from Schockemoehle Stud. A number of my long time customers have asked what this is all about, as it APPEARS to be a direct storefront from Schockemoehle Stud. However, that is NOT the case. It is a  marketing presentation from a new semen broker in the U.S. that has involved the services of SBS to double check the semen that comes from Schockemoehle's.  It is a free market here.

I was the first to begin the marketing and importation of frozen equine semen in North America back in the 1980's. I also was the first to do business with Schockemoehle here in the U.S., beginning in 1997..

I will continue to offer the stallions of Schockemoehle Stud, without hesitation or doubt. Of all the stallion semen suppliers, the one that I believe does the very best job of providing high quality doses on a consistent basis IS Schockmoehle's. And they stand behind the product if ever there IS a problem. They are responsive, direct and honest with their semen sales. And, as my long time customers know, I am a mare owner also, and am a huge advocate for the mare owners. If there is a problem with the semen of the stallions I represent, I fight like crazy to have the stallion owners rectify the issue, or I replace it myself out of my own pocket, which I have done time and again for mare owners. Some of you can stand up and attest to that!

So, this is just to make clear that the new offering is not radically different, or any better, than what I have been offering all these years. My prices are probably going to come out a little better than they offer, as I charge a competitive shipping rate and keep my  prices in line.

I have been around, doing my business for many, many years (coming up to 42 years now!!) .... both as a frozen semen importer/broker but mainly as a dedicated breeder of high quality dressage competition horses. I endeavor to keep my dealings direct and simple, hiding nothing, so I can assure you that you will still receive the quality semen of any of the stallions from Schockemoehle's Stud from me. If I happen to not have a particular stallion of theirs listed in the stallion roster, you can still request pricing and can order whatever you want, dressage or jumper stallions' semen, and I will add it to my large incoming shipment. First shipment from Schockemoehle's  comes in after the Holidays, so we will be ready for 2016 season in good time!

Trust in the Tradition of Quality that Yancey Farms has provided all these years. Thanks,