Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Breeders, please report your results

Each year I almost have to beg for pregnancy reports. Seems that those who do NOT get a mare in foal are the only ones that contact me.
Please give me just a short Yay or Nay, naming the stallion you used from my supply, # of doses and status of the mare; i.e. any issues with the cycle, etc.

Personally, I had a disastrous year with my mares, but I cannot blame only the semen. Out of  7 mares I was hoping to get in foal, I have only ONE mare by embryo transfer and a mare of a friend's so far still pregnant.  I am understandably depressed and super disappointed. I remember the good years, way back when, that we would breed a mare (with frozen), she would get in foal and have a baby the next year. Now that is the exception!


So far I am pulling information of the newest stallions to the program, as the others have proven themselves over the years.

DON MARTILLO wins the Lottery for performance, boasting a 90% conception rate with 9 mares reporting bred; 8 pregnant, 1 not in foal. 
VITALIS has a close 2nd with 80% , but more mares bred this season - of reported breedings, 24 mares bred, 19 pregnant,  5 not in foal. 

I am waiting for more up to date reports on a few others. 
use my email please: