Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Like trying to catch lightening in a bottle!

So, the yellow  perennial  Peanut is in bloom, and I thought, "oh how fun, I'll take pics of the fillies in the flowers"! WRONG! ...... Without help it was ridiculous!  These are the best I could do with Filly #1, REVANALI by Revolution out of Finale  (Furst Heinrich - Rubinstein). Even my little dog Mickie tried to help me organize a shoot...... Hah!!

REVANALI born April 22,2017 by REVOLUTION

"REVANALI" - exhibiting her favorite pose!

She loves her big loose walk, always on a "Mission"!

REVANALI 7 weeks

So, that was IT for the peanut flower photo shoot! 
Still, I think she is going to be quite a powerful gal!