Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am "bumping up" this topic as we begin this new season of 2010: Let me make something clear about my "frozen" business... I am often asked if I can bring in particular stallion's frozen semen from Germany, Holland, etc. The answer is "Sure I can", but that is not the nature of my business. I do not offer hundreds of stallions....I only REPRESENT those stallions that I admire, am personally familiar with and wish to use in my own program. Many of you have taken advantage of my years of knowledge and success to help you choose a stallion for your mare. That knowledge can only come from hands on experience, which I do not have with all the hundreds of stallions who are available through frozen semen in Europe. I have always given, and will continue to offer personalized service, and you can be sure of getting my voice on the phone when you call. The difference between the way I do business and any other frozen semen import service in this country, is that Yancey Farms is the ONLY frozen semen importation service in the U.S. that keeps substantial inventory of most all of the stallions all year round. We can usually ship from one day to the next. I personally visit the stallions in my program, and adjust the roster from year to year, as I evaluate the offspring of the stallions. Some stallions are deleted from the list if I am not pleased with what I see. I have certain "HOT PICKS" for the year....this year's "HOT PICKS" are QUATERBACK, AMPERE, FLORISCOUNT and LIVELLO. Proven sires, such as ROMANOV, DON SCHUFRO, SIR DONNERHALL and FRENCH KISS remain high on the list. The young stallions FAREWELL III and FIDERTANZ continue to impress me with the quality of their offspring. Having CHEQUILLE Z again is super. I keep a few jumper sires, and can order anything you want from Schockemoehle's, Klatte's , Sosath's, Seifert's ..... CHACCO BLUE has been doing amazingly well both in competition and as a sire of top quality foals. I have been importing and shipping frozen equine semen since 1988. I have hundreds of satisfied customers, who experienced high conception rates in their mares, and have the foals to prove it. Feel free to call me during normal business hours with any questions you may have. You might want to check the FAQs page too. Thanks! Judy