Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I just love these updates on my babies - Herbie is 16 now!!

Hi Judy,
Just thought you would want to know that your Herbie Hancock finished 3rd in Oldenburg JR/YR Training level nationally for 2009. (He is in the breeders journal that just came out.)
My daughter, Amanda (now 12) rode him in her first year as a dressage rider, and Herbie's first year in recognized dressage shows as far as we know.
We love him - even though he can be a pistol at times! At 16 years old he can still have as much energy as the energizer bunny! We have attached a photo of one of his first Training Level tests with Amanda riding. It was at Las Colinas in July 2009.
Amanda wants to know if, by any chance, you have any baby photos of Herbie?
Also, I am looking for a nice, young dressage prospect for myself. You will remember I am tall and need a horse that will mature at least 16.2. I would love a younger 16.3 hand Herbie Hancock if you have one for sale!
Maybe we can come visit you one of these days. Your farm looks incredible, and your breeding program is producing incredible horses. Well done!
Your Texas friends,
Sarah Pape Hester
Amanda Hester
(and Herbie, too!)